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2013 Final Legislative Report

Final Legislative Report

2013 Session

SB449: Fairness for All Marylanders Act of 2013 – Senate Judicial Proceedings – Lead Sponsor: Senator Richard Madaleno et al – Lead Group: Equality Maryland – Unfavorable report in committee

SB784/HB804: Employment Discrimination – Reasonable Accommodations for Disabilities Due to Pregnancy – Senate Judicial Proceedings/House Economic Matters – Lead Sponsor: Senator Benson /Delegate Hucker – Lead Group: ACLU of MD – Passed

HB829: Correctional Services – Pregnant Detainees and Inmates – Restraint Restrictions and Reporting – Also known as Anti-Shackling – House Judiciary – Lead Sponsor: Delegate Washington – Lead Group: Marylanders for the Right to Choose – Watered down version passed in House.  Senate Judicial Proceedings added amendments that made it worse than the status quo, so Delegate Washington was advocation for dropping the bill if the Senate didn’t use the House version.  The Senate passed their version but the House refused to concur, and asked the Senate to recede.  It went to Conference Committee and died there.

HB1331: Labor and Employment – Parental Leave – Birth or Adoption of a Child – House Economic Matters – Lead Sponsor: Delegate Ariana Kelly – Unfavorable report in committee

SB455, SB456, SB726All anti-choice legislation that received no committee vote

HB933: Human Trafficking – Mistake of Age –Lead Sponsor: Delegate Susan Lee –  Eliminates the defense of “mistake of age” in cases involving sex trafficking of a minor – Passed

SB215/HB1188: Human Trafficking – Victims Under Age 21 – Senate Judicial Proceedings/House Judiciary – Lead Sponsors: Senator Jennie Forehand/Delegate Kris Valderrama – Trafficking of an 18-20 year old is raised to a felony.  Currently it is only a misdemeanor unless force, fraud or coercion is proven.  Passed the Senate, No vote in House Judiciary

HB943: Child Kidnapping & Prostitution – Penalty – House Judiciary – Lead Sponsor: Delegate Lee – Abduction of a child under 16 for purposes of prostitution needs to be raised from a misdemeanor to a felony. Unfavorable vote in House Judiciary

Maryland NOW supports  legislation that benefits women and their families without constricting their rights to self determination.  If you are interested in getting updates during legislative sessions, please email us.

For further information on legislation and your legislators’ contact information visit http://mgaleg.maryland.gov.