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2015 Final Legislative Report

Maryland NOW Legislative Agenda 2015


 SB0040/HB0385: Labor & Employment- Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

Synopsis: The proposed legislation would enable Maryland workers to earn a limited number of annual paid sick and safe days from their employer.

Main Sponsors: Sen. Catherine Pugh- District 40 (D)• Del. Luke Clippinger- District 46, (D)

No Action Taken in Committee


SB0269/HB0225: Domestic Violence- Additional Relief 

Synopsis: This bill expands the relief available in a final protective order by authorizing a judge to order any other relief the judge deems to be appropriate under the circumstances to protect a person eligible for relief.

Main Sponsors: Sen. Susan Lee- District 16, (D) • Del. Kathleen Dumais- District 15, (D)

PASSED with amendments

SB0078/HB0503: Rape Survivor Family Protection Act

Synopsis: A bill to terminate the parental rights of rapists when a child is conceived as a result of rape.

Main Sponsors: Sen. Jamie Raskin- District 20, (D) • Del. Kathleen M. Dumais- District 15 (D)

No Action Taken in Committee


SB105/HB9: Maryland Home Birth Safety Act

Synopsis: This bill licenses and regulates direct-entry midwives under the Health Occupation code, ensuring access to safe home birth care for Maryland women.

Main Sponsors: Sen. Thomas Middleton- District 28, (D) • Del. Ariana Kelly- District 16, (D)

PASSED with amendments


HB1051/SB424: Women’s Pay Equity Act

Synopsis: Requires employers to pay male and female employees equally for substantially equal work.

Main Sponsors: Del. Kriselda Valderrama-District 26, (D) ~ Sen. Susan Lee-District 16, (D)

No Action Taken in Committee


HB838/SB416: Health Insurance – Mandated Benefits – In-Vitro Fertilization and Artificial Insemination Procedures

Synopsis: Ensures the existing insurance mandate requiring in-vitro fertilization coverage is provided to qualified individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Main Sponsors: Del. Terri Hill-District 12, (D) ~ Sen. Cheryl Kagan-District 17 (D)



HB0042/SB0527: Fair Employment Preservation Act of 2015

Synopsis: Expands the definition of a supervisor for an action concerning a violation of unlawful employment harassment.

General Assembly History: Introduced in prior session as HB1350/SB0688

Main Sponsors: Del. Samuel Rosenberg- District 41 (D) • Sen. Jamie Raskin, District 20, (D)

No Action Taken in Committee




SB425: Labor & Employment – Wage Disclosure & Discussion Protection

Synopsis: Prohibiting an employer from taking any adverse action against an employee concerning an inquiry about/disclosure/discussion of an employee’s wages.

Main Sponsor: Sen. Susan Lee- District 15 (D)

No Action Taken in Committee


SB0477/HB0606: Domestic Violence- Persons Eligible for Relief

Synopsis: A bill to allow victims of dating and sexual violence to seek protective orders.

General Assembly History: Introduced in prior session as SB0041

Main Sponsors: Sen. Victor R. Ramirez- District 47, (D) • Del. Kathleen Dumais- District 15, (D)

PASSED with amendments


HB0564: State Personnel – Limits on Use of Leave for birth, Adoption, Foster Placement, or Care of Child

Synopsis: Allowing State employees to receive the full benefits of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as afforded to all other employees who are not both employed by the State.

Main Sponsors: Del. Ariana Kelly- District 16, (D) • Del. Charles Barkley- District 39, (D)



HB0985: Labor & Employment- Family & Medical Leave Insurance Program- Establishment

Synopsis: This legislation would establish a paid Family and Medical Leave program in Maryland.

Main Sponsor: Del. Ariana Kelly- District 16. Montgomery County (D)

Unfavorable Report


HB969/SB688: Fair Scheduling Act

Synopsis: Will provide some measure of predictability in a worker’s schedule so they can plan for dependent care, school or a second job.

Main Sponsor: Del. Sheila Hixson-District 20, (D) ~ Sen. Joanne Benson-District 24, (D)

Unfavorable Report in Committee


HB1027: Labor and Employment – Overwork Prohibition Act

Synopsis: Will help to ensure that workers have adequate time between shifts to travel and rest. Will also provide the opportunity to earn daily overtime for workers who are required to work extended days.

Main Sponsor: Del. Cheryl Glenn-District 45, (D)

Unfavorable Report in committee


SJ0003: Honoring the Surviving Human Trafficking Victims of Asia & the Pacific Islands During World War II 

Synopsis: Historical record of the crimes against the “ianfu” or “comfort women” of World War II will serve as a lasting reminder to the world that crimes against humanity will not be condoned or tolerated.

Main Sponsor: Sen. Susan Lee – District 16(D)

Passed Senate, No vote in the House


SB0520: Criminal Law – Human Trafficking – Affirmative Defense

Synopsis: Affirmative defense of duress if the defendant in certain prostitution charges committed the act as a result of being a victim of human trafficking.

Main Sponsor: Sen. Susan Lee- District 16 (D)





SB0511/HB0961: Women’s Late- Term Pregnancy Health Act 

Synopsis: Creating limitations on abortion; Gestational age must be verified by a specified physician prior to abortion services as well as eliminating option for abortion after 20 weeks unless a specified physician determines medical emergency need for abortion.

Sponsors: Del. Barrie Ciliberti- District 4, (R) • Sen. Michael Hough- District 4, (R)

No Action Taken in Committee


HB0492: Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Synopsis: Prohibiting, except in specified circumstances, the performance or inducement or attempted performance or inducement of an abortion unless a determination as to the probable age of the unborn child is made by a specified physician; providing that the failure of a physician to perform specified actions is deemed unprofessional conduct;

General Assembly History: Introduced previous session as HB0283

Main Sponsors: Del. Kathy Afzali- District 4 (R) • Del. Susan Aumann- District 42B (R)

No Action Taken in Committee


HB888/SB650: Family Law – Rebuttable Presumption of Joint Custody 

Synopsis: This bill would make joint custody the default in child custody cases. It would help abusers by forcing abused or protective parents to rebut a joint custody presumption.

Main Sponsors: Del. Jill Carter-District 41 (D) ~ Sen. Anthony Muse-District 26 (D)

No Action Taken in Committee


SB900: Public Health – Abortions – Physician Requirements

Synopsis: This bill would mandate that doctors providing abortions have admitting privileges at a hospital within 15 miles of where abortion care takes place. This bill calls to enact a TRAP law.

Main Sponsor: Sen. Steve Waugh-District 29 (R)

No Action Taken in Committee


Maryland NOW works in coalition with many other organizations, and for the most part supports the same legislation they do to improve the lives of women and their families. Examples include the Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women, Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence, Maryland Coalition Against Sexual AssaultWorking Matters, Progressive Maryland and Equality Maryland.