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Social Security Preservation


In the last Congress, 136 members of the House – more than half the Democratic caucus –co-signed a letter to President Obama opposing all Social Security benefit cuts, including increases in the retirement age, and privatization of the program. The supporters were not just progressives (83% support), but also 31% of New Democrats and 15% of Blue Dogs signed on. Also, 57 members co-sponsored House Resolution 1670 opposing an increase in the retirement age, sponsored by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (AZ). Combining the signers of the Grijalva letter and the supporters of the Giffords resolution, 147 House members took a stand against raising the retirement age.

However, in 2013, the Administration implemented a $1,000 per person “payroll tax cut”, which decreased workers’ individual contributions to the Social Security System. If the concern of Congress and the Administration were that Social Security needs more assets, this is not the way to strengthen the System. This effectively is cutting workers’ savings instead of cutting spending abroad, in order to stimulate the economy.

Please consider:

  • Communicating with your network about the importance of this battle
  • Sending letters or emails urging members of Congress to oppose any legislation that would change the current Social Security system
  • Joining coalition partners in scheduled lobbying visits on Capitol Hill
  • Scheduling field visits when members of Congress are back in their states
  • Initiating letters to the editor and call-ins to local press and radio
  • Participating on the coalition’s committees: legislative, adequacy of benefits, field and communications committees

Learn More:

Strengthen Social Security Coalition: Legislative Director, Alison Reardon, at or 202-454-6190

National Organization for Women: Social Security

Take Action! CALL or email:

  • Congressman Steny Hoyer (Southern Md.) (301) 843-1577 (Waldorf); (301) 474-0119 (Greenbelt) ; (202) 225-4131 (Washington, DC) or email:
  • Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (Western Maryland) email:
  • Maryland’s other Congressmembers are good on this issue; please remember to thank them
  • Our Senators are good on this issue, but they still need to hear from you:
  • Senator Barbara Mikulski at (301) 797 – 2826 (Hagerstown) or (202) 224-4654 (Washington, DC) or email:
  • Senator Ben Cardin at (301) 777-2957 (Cumberland) or (202) 224-4524 or email:

Did You Know?

  • Maryland NOW and National NOW are signatories to a letter requesting passage of the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act of 2014 (S. 2089)! Why does it matter? Poverty is a feminist issue! Asset Limits Are a Barrier to Economic Security and Mobility, a recent report from the Center for American Progress (CAP) calls on Congress to pass the Act to “alleviate needless economic insecurity among seniors and individuals with disabilities.” CAP is an independent, educational organization dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action. Find out more about SSI from the National Senior Citizens’ Law Center.