Friday March 7 - Hollaback Baltimore 3rd birthday party

Time: 8:00pm-9:00pm

Gather, Protest, Share, Heal

What better way to celebrate 3 years of fighting street harassment?

Here’s The Basics:

  • FRIDAY 3/7 at 8pm
  • Corner of Charles & North
  • Bring a sign or a story, and try to bring some friends!

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The Full Story:
Join us this Friday at 8pm, at the corner of Charles Street and North Avenue, to stand in solidarity with those who experience street harassment, and shed some light for those who ignore or perpetuate it.

In collaboration with Luminous Intervention, we’ll be projecting a simple statement for all passerbys in Station North to see on their Friday night out. After grabbing their attention, we’ll keep it by reading stories of street harassment (gender-based & sexual harassment in public from strangers) submitted to our website over the years. We also invite anyone attending to share their stories in the company of fellow activists and supporters.

We’ve done our best to choose a high-traffic location that is also a good “blank canvas” for our project. We wish to make it clear that street harassment is a global problem, not just a Baltimore one, and certainly not just a Station North one. It affects all genders, races, classes, sexual orientations, abilities, and ages, just as it is perpetuated by folks of all genders, races, classes, sexual orientations, abilities, and ages.