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Baltimore NOW at the 50th Anniversary March on WashingtonBaltimore NOW at the 50th Anniversary March on Washington

Eliminating racism is a priority and the responsibility of every member of NOW. Racism is not a matter of individual attitudes. It is an institutionalized system of power and control over people of racial and ethnic diversity in this society.

NOW condemns the racism that inflicts a double burden of race and gender discrimination on women of color. Seeing human rights as indivisible, we are committed to identifying and fighting against those barriers to equality and justice that are imposed by racism.

A leader in the struggle for Civil Rights for ALL since its inception in 1966, NOW is committed to diversifying our movement, and we continue to fight for equal opportunities for women of color in all areas including employment, education and reproductive justice.

NOW members work to eliminate racism by lobbying legislators, sponsoring educational programs, organizing consciousness raising groups and taking direct action.

Maryland NOW works in coalitions with many groups to effect change, including working to project a new image of Maryland with our Harriet Tubman Statue Project. JOIN US NOW!