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Mizeur Endorsed by Maryland NOW PAC


Monday, January 20, 2014

The Maryland Chapter of the National Organization for Women’s Political Action Committee enthusiastically announces its endorsement of Heather Mizeur and Delman Coates for Governor and Lt. Governor of Maryland.

“Heather has a proven track record in the State Legislature that she cares about women and families.  She is a staunch supporter of women’s right to reproductive health, has clear plans on eliminating poverty in Maryland, and has a goal to narrow the pay gap for women of color,” notes Maryland NOW President Sara Wilkinson. “We hope all feminists will join us in helping to elect the first woman Governor of Maryland.”

Mizeur’s ability to work with conservatives and Republicans resulted in 2007 legislation allowing young adults to stay on their parent’s health insurance and 2011 legislation expanding family planning services to low-income women.

Mizeur has worked on fiscal issues, including support for bringing additional technology jobs to Maryland.  She was also a leader on the Maryland Open Government Act, which heightens transparency and access to our state’s legislators and officials.

“Heather has a solid background in the political issues that affect women and their families in our state. Endorsing her was a proud moment for Maryland NOW’s PAC in our quest to elect quality women to political office,” announced Sandy Bell, Chair of the Maryland NOW PAC.

We could not be happier that she will be the first openly gay governor in the country and our state’s first woman governor, and that she serves as a role model in her personal life with her marriage to her wife, Deborah.

Wilkinson notes, “We are confident that the Mizeur-Coates ticket can win this primary and the general election. Heather Mizeur is not afraid of tough political fights. We are excited about urging our members to work for her team’s election.”

Mizeur has also received backing at the National level, with leaders at the National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority endorsing her campaign.  “It’s time for Maryland to break the glass ceiling and have a woman as Governor, and they could not have a better option than Heather Mizeur,” said Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women. “She is deserving of MD NOW PAC’s support not just because she is a woman, but because of her vast policy-making experience, her willingness to never settle for the status quo, and constant focus on improving communities.”

Maryland NOW PAC represents 10 local chapters and over 1,800 members across the state. It works to eliminate discrimination in the workplace and schools, secure reproductive justice for women, and end violence against women.



Sara Wilkinson, President, Maryland NOW

Sandy Bell, Chair, Maryland NOW PAC

PAC phone: (410) 347-1455