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Rosie Comes to Life: Women’s Fight for Rights on the Homefront

Rosie Comes to Life: Women’s Fight for Rights on the Homefront is a documentary that tells the tale of how propaganda helped influence how women were treated prior, during, and after the war. It includes quotes from several Rosies themselves, history on the National Organization for Women and stellar examples of the propaganda used during the war. Not only this, but clips of an interview with NOW members Jeannette Feldner and Linda Mahoney and United4Equality’s Carolyn Cook who are three extraordinary women is featured.

The path to the creation of this documentary was not easy. Eastern Middle School students Robyn Fohouo and Cecilia Hornyak spent months researching women in the WWII era for a 10 page research paper known as IDRP, and later used their combined efforts to produce a winning documentary. Unfortunately, Rosie Comes to Life didn’t get past the state NHD competition, but it is not winning that matters. It’s about the struggle for women’s equality that is still going on today, as Carolyn Cook so eloquently pointed out.

— Robyn Fohouo and Cecilia Hornyak