2018 Maryland NOW PAC Endorsements


2018 Maryland NOW PAC Endorsements
And Election Outcomes


Ben Jealous and Susie Turnbull – Governor and Lt. Governor  L

Brian Frosh – Attorney General  W

Maryland State Senate

Ron Young (District 3) Frederick County W

Katherine Klausmeier (District 8) Baltimore County W

Katie Fry Hester (District 9) Howard County W

Delores G. Kelley (District 10) Baltimore County W

Clarence Lam (District 12) Howard County W

Sarah K. Elfreth (District 30) Anne Arundel County W

Holly Wright (District 37) Talbot County L

Bill Ferguson (District 46) Baltimore City W

Maryland State House

Karen Lewis Young (District 3A) Frederick County W

Carol L. Krimm (District 3A) Frederick County W

Lois Jarman (District 4) Frederick County L

Ysela Bravo (District 4) Frederick County L

Darrin R. Smith (District 4) Frederick County L

Emily Shank (District 5) Carroll County L

Natalie Ziegler (District 9A) Howard County W

Jay Jalisi (District 10) Baltimore County W

Adrienne A. Jones (District 10) Baltimore County W

Dana Stein (District 11) Baltimore County W

Shelly Hettleman (District 11) Baltimore County W

Eric Ebersole (District 12) Baltimore County W

Jessica Feldmark (District 12) Howard County W

Shane Pendergrass (District 13) Howard County W

Joseline Peña-Melnyk (District 21) Prince George’s County W

Erek L. Barron (District 24) Prince George’s County W

Kris Valderrama (District 26) Prince George’s County W

Jason T. Fowler (District 27C) Calvert County L

Edith Patterson (District 28) Charles County L

Julia Nichols (District 29C) St. Mary’s County L

Karen Patricia Simpson (District 31B) Anne Arundel County L

  1. Sandy Bartlett (District 32) Anne Arundel County W

Tracie Cramer Hovermale (District 33) Anne Arundel County L

Pam Luby (District 33) Anne Arundel County L

Heather Bagnall (District 33) Anne Arundel County L

Ronnie Teitler Davis (District 35B) Harford County L

Dan O’Hare (District 37B) Wicomico County L

Samuel I. Rosenberg (District 41) Baltimore City W

Melissa Wells (District 40) Baltimore City W

Sachin Hebbar (District 42B) Baltimore County L

Pat Young (District 44B) Baltimore County W

Brooke Lierman (District 46) Baltimore City W


For Montgomery County NOW PAC endorsements please see: