Marriage Equality


Maryland NOW was a member of the Marylanders for Marriage Equality coalition. This group was successful in defending marriage equality at the ballot box in November 2012. Thank YOU for your support of equal rights for our LGBT sisters and brothers. Lesbian and gay couples share the same values of love, commitment and stability as other families – they should have the same opportunity to get a marriage license.

Why Marriage?

People of all walks of life, including gay and lesbian couples, want their children to live in a loving, stable committed home and be protected under the law.

Gay and lesbian couples want to stand before their family and friends to make a public promise of lifelong commitment and responsibility.

A few other states have tried to create alternatives to marriage, like civil unions, but none provide the same meaning or security as civil marriage.

What changed?

Religious marriage remains unchanged. Churches and other religious institutions don’t have to marry anyone they don’t want to.
Committed, loving same-sex couples were able to get a marriage license at the courthouse beginning in January 2013.

Who Supports Same-Sex Marriage in Maryland?

We are proud that the majority of Maryland voters supported Marriage Equality. Thank you!