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Young Feminists

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The participation of women and girls of all ages is critical to the future of NOW and the Women’s Movement and the fight for equality. NOW is committed to empowering and involving young feminists, and encouraging an intergenerational dialogue and collaboration to strengthen ties between activists of all ages.

If you are interested in getting involved, consider joining NOW’s first ever Virtual Chapter called Young Feminists and Allies (YFA).

In 2003 National NOW voted to create a permanent task force of young feminists aged 30 or under. Members are appointed by the President of NOW to advise on matters of agenda, leadership recruitment and issue prioritization regarding young feminists in the organization. Maryland NOW young feminists were instrumental in the creation of this task force.

Maryland NOW encourages members to gift their daughters, nieces and granddaughters with memberships. Encourage them to become aware of gender discrimination. Then encourage them to become part of the solution! Join NOW!