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Young Feminists in NOW


The participation of women and girls of all ages is critical to the future of NOW as an organization and the future for progress on women’s rights, both here and around the world. We recognize the population shifts that have occurred since NOW was founded in 1966 and know that without the involvement of younger activists, all the work of our founding mothers will be lost.

Maryland NOW wants to involve younger activists in leadership positions in our state, and wants to hear from younger activists how we can best do that!  This includes both focus and support on issues that affect younger women and girls, changes in our structure to ensure that younger women and girls can participate, and increased use of newer forms of communication and involvement through social media in our day-to-day work.

Please click here to contact Maryland NOW leaders about becoming involved in these shifts and changes of who we are and how we can grow with even more healthy diversity and strength across our state.