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Walmart: Merchant of Shame


The National Organization for Women, its Board of Directors, and its members have received numerous complaints regarding workplace environment and employment practices at Wal-Mart stores, distribution centers, regional and corporate offices.

We have considered the extensive public record on cases filed against Wal-Mart and found the allegations disturbing. They are sex discrimination in pay, promotion, and compensation, wage abuse, exclusion of contraceptive coverage in insurance plans, violations of child labor laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Cases have also been filed regarding firing pro-union workers, eliminating jobs once workers joined unions, and discouraging workers from unionizing.

Consistent with the goals of NOW’s Women Friendly Workplace Campaign, NOW names Wal-Mart a Merchant of Shame. Wal-Mart’s dismal record contradicts the worker-friendly image it projects to the public. Join NOW in its campaign to demand changes in Wal-Mart’s unfair practices.

For more information, see NOW’s website.