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Maryland NOW PAC’s 2018-2022 Accomplishments

September 23, 2022

If you gave the PAC a donation or supported us in any way, here’s where your resources have gone:

  • We donated $1,000 to the Virginia NOW PAC for their ERA ratification effort in 2019; Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the amendment on January 27, 2020. 
  • We sponsored a volunteer to go to Virginia to work in a targeted district race as part of Virginia NOW’s campaign to ratify the ERA in the Virginia legislature.
  • In the 2020 General Election cycle, we voted to ask Maryland NOW to give $3,000 to Fair Fight, used in the state of Georgia to help elect two Democratic Senators and flip the U.S. Senate for Democrats, which they did.
  • We put Maryland NOW PAC’s records on the computer reporting system (CRIS) maintained by the Maryland State Board of Elections, Campaign Finance Division. (Considering that in 2015, the PAC didn’t even have a checking account, this bears mentioning.)
  • We developed a candidate survey distribution system using the Survey Monkey software so we could send out and review questionnaires from more candidates, and allow our PAC members to work more efficiently in evaluating candidates. For this cycle, we also vastly improved our survey questions to be able to review candidate positions on specific legislation and issue work on things like pre-release centers, supporting “tip” workers in the $15 minimum wage debate, or getting a Constitutional Amendment on Abortion on the ballot. 
  • We have also supported the Emerge program in Maryland, helping them inspire women to run for office through skill-building training so they can be successful. We targeted their list of graduates asking them to fill out our PAC questionnaire so we could consider endorsing them.
  • For the Maryland Primary election in June (cue drumroll) we were able to give $7,500 to women candidates – many running for office for the first time. Our efforts paid off – Please consider a donation now to help support candidates running in the November Elections!