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Communications Committee


The pandemic, and the need to work around and through the issues as they emerge by having to change how we reach our members, has resulted in a renewed interest in exploring a range of ways to reach people and to get them interested in working with us. This includes working to attract the attention of younger women, and to do everything we can to draw in new members from a more diverse population than we currently have.

This committee wants to take on this challenge. Our communication efforts currently consist of our website and social media – currently Facebook and Twitter. We also use MailChimp to communicate with a very different demographic within our membership. Once we are able to plan in-person events we need to develop new materials – a new brochure is in the works.

The Communications Committee plans to work closely with the Young Feminist Task Force to make sure our message goes to our target audience. We hope paying attention to HOW we say things and that our words can reach their audience is critical to bringing in the new younger members we very much want to have join us.

This committee is at the core of our growth and development plans. Please join us as we combine all these areas of outreach in our plans to grow Maryland NOW.