Maryland NOW believes that the bright side of all our virtual meetings during the COVID pandemic is that people are much more comfortable meeting virtually. This – we hope – will make it much easier for us to support growth and chapters in areas where physical meetings are all but impossible given our state’s unique shape and transportation system.

We have always had members over on the Eastern Shore during all the years of our existence, but haven’t always been able to support a chapter. We are hopeful that all that is about to change.

A recent mailing we did to all our members in Maryland yielded several names of people interested in working on a chapter of NOW – these were primarily Lower and Mid-Shore. Many of them indicated that they were interested in electoral politics. Rep. Andy Harris’ positions and right-wing views make that not a surprise but replacing him with a more progressive representative is easier said than done.

What we know is that even trying to elect someone else will bring out people who want to make other changes there.

Maryland NOW wants to support the women of the Eastern Shore in any way we can. You will be the ones to decide what kind of chapter you want to be and what kinds of projects you want to address.

Our leaders have been meeting with women from around the state to determine how we can grow and what support you need from us to make it happen. Please write to us to let us know of your interest so that we can include you in our next Member Organizing Coffee with other women from the Eastern Shore.