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Maryland NOW’s Bylaws Committee


The bylaws of Maryland NOW have not been seriously examined or revised in well over 30 years. Our basic structure is quite satisfactory but times and technology have changed and possibilities in changes of our officer’s job description are becoming clear for 2021 and going forward.

We have also made some revisions over the years to address specific problems without dealing with the whole document and how those small changes might affect everything else.

Going forward from our State Conference in 2021, the Executive committee is proposing a complete review of our bylaws and would like to appoint a committee at that time to begin meeting and discussing what we might want to reexamine. The committee will be headed by the Executive Vice President and ideally, we’d like someone from each chapter to also serve. Realizing that bylaws are not everyone’s “cup of tea” we’d like to also offer that if there are Maryland NOW members out there with a strong command of Robert’s Rules and an interest in organizational structure and development, we would love to hear from you as well.

We view this as a year-long project, with the end result proposed for adoption of a new bylaws document at our state conference in 2022.

Click here to read our current bylaws, and please write to us if you have ideas you’d like to discuss.