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Crystal Peters, Action Vice President


Crystal Peters comes to us from Southern California, via Atlanta, Georgia, Conway, Arkansas, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In high school, Crystal had an opportunity to join the Model United Nations and was drawn to the issue of violence against women. Competing to “win the Gavel,” Crystal wrote speeches and resolutions with her peers representing various nation-states and various topics. She attended a Model U.N. Conference in Washington DC when she was a sophomore in high school. 

The trip to Washington, DC, inspired Crystal to study International Relations as a National Hispanic Scholar at the University of Southern California. She went on to a 15+ year career in sales and sales management in the technology industry. She has lived in five states.

Crystal’s interest remains in “our laws and legal systems, and how they specifically affect our lives.” She joined Maryland NOW several years ago because it was the only organization she saw addressing the issues that affected her life. She has had many life experiences that put her in a unique position to care about and help others.

Crystal works with several Maryland state delegates and has become very familiar with Maryland’s legislative process. The Executive Committee initially asked Crystal to participate in Maryland NOW’s PAC as a volunteer who would help with the PAC’s administration, setting the stage for our involvement in the 2022 election cycle. However, she was an instant choice for us with an opening for the Action VP position in June, 2021. 

Crystal enjoys dancing, pop, hip-hop, electronic dance, and rap music. She has two children and a family.