Baltimore City and Baltimore County NOW


When Maryland NOW was founded in 1973, this area was established as one chapter. However, the growth of the area – including traffic arteries, the growth of the area where Baltimore County government is located, and many members’ personal preferences as to what they’d prefer to have as chapters in the area  – has given us reason to think that two chapters – one in Baltimore City and Baltimore County – would best suit most needs for stability and growth on now in this part of the state.

The two areas are actually completely separate geo-political entities – Baltimore City was created by the state in 1851 – with completely separate governing structures, completely separate legislative districts in Annapolis, as well as demographic growth in the past 50 years. Only a small area of Congressional District 2 is located in Baltimore City with Baltimore County, along with parts of Carroll County and Harford County, and Baltimore City representing most of the area of Congressional District 7.

We do have people in both areas who would like to work on developing these two separate chapters, and hope to hear from others who want to become involved in either of these groups. Both are in the early development stages of becoming chapters and would welcome new members. A new chapter has also recently been started in Carroll County.