Finance & Fundraising


Maryland NOW works very hard at making sure that every dollar given to us by members and contributors is put to use working for positive change for women and girls in our state.

We take our budgeting process very seriously and welcome all input from members of the Maryland NOW State Council, who develop and approve our state’s annual budget every year in December by Dec 31 which ends our fiscal year. The Treasurer reports at each state council meeting on the status of our spending, and delivers a financial review each April prior to our annual state conference. Any member of Maryland NOW is welcome to inquire at any time about our state’s financial management.

Each year, in compliance with IRS rules, we file a 990 Tax Return, reporting our spending and income. These reports are available publicly online.

We receive monthly rebates from renewal dues paid to our organizaiton, and gratefully welcome contributions from members and friends. We would like to develop a fundraising plan each year, including encouraging members to include Maryland NOW in their estate planning. We carefully manage Maryland NOW’s small investments and report regular on interest income earned for the state.

We welcome the involvement of anyone interested in helping us grow Maryland NOW financially and urge you to write to us for more information about being involved in our financial processes.