Maryland NOW supports HB477

Jakeya Johnson and Delegate Ariana Kelly


HB477 – Access to Reproductive Healthcare at Public Institutes of Higher Education

Our legislative task force chair, Jakeya Johnson, is working with Delegate Ariana Kelly to expand access to reproductive healthcare for college students across the state. Many publicĀ  4 year colleges in Maryland have little to no access to essential reproductive healthcare resources. In cases of sexual assault, unprotected or coerced sex, and failed birth control, on campus access to emergency contraception and medicated abortion is an important way for students to maintain bodily autonomy and prevent unwanted pregnancy in a timely and private manner.

This legislation would require public 4 year institutions to provide 24-hour access to over-the-counter contraception on campus through student health centers, retail outlets on campus, and/or vending machines, and provide or refer for a full range of reproductive health services including, sexually transmitted infection prevention and treatment services, HIV prevention and abortion services. Follow the progress of house bill 477 here.


From L-R: Jakeya Johson, MDNOW legislative task torce chair, Delegate Ariana Kelly, Caroline Thorne & Isha Yardi, UMD Students, Karen J. Nelson, PPM president, and Erin Bradley, PPM vice president of public affairs