MD NOW Supports HB283 – Trans Health Equity Act

Jamie Grace Alexander from Free State Justice addresses the rally.


Crowds gathered on Lawyers Mall in Annapolis Tuesday February 14, 2023 in support of House Bill 283 – The Trans Health Equity Act. Maryland NOW was there and suppported this bill as it made its way through both houses of the Maryland General Assembly. It was signed into law by Gov Wes Moore on May 3, 2023, and will take effect on Jan 1 2024.

The bill expands Medicaid coverage to include:

  • hormone therapy, hormone blockers, and puberty blockers;
  • hair alteration;
  • alterations to voice, voice therapy and voice lessons;
  • physical alterations to the body, including the torso, face and genitals;
  • laser treatment for scars from gender-affirming treatment; and
  • fertility preservation, among other things.
All of these things are currently not allowed with Medicaid, although they are common place among private insurance.
To qualify, patients must be 18 or older, have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, undergo at least one year of continuous hormonal therapy when recommended by a mental health professional, and receive two referrals from a mental health professional before the surgery. This legislation aims to significantly impact high rates of depression, suicide and mental health issues within the trans community that come with not being able to live as your authentic self.