Recent Hearings, Opinions, Decisions, and Publications Related to the Equal Rights Amendment


Hearings, Decisions, Opinions, and Briefs

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Opinion recognizing abortion restrictions are sex-based discrimination and asserting the Pennsylvania Medicaid ban on coverage for abortion violates the Pennsylvania State Equal Rights Amendment.

Senate Committee on the Judiciary Video of 2/28/23 Hearing:  “The Equal Rights Amendment: How Congress Can Recognize and Enshine Equality in Our Constitution”.

DC Court of Appeals Opinion dismissing the complaint of Nevada and Illinois that the Archivist had a duty to certify and publish the ERA.  Click here for Columbia Law School ERA Project’s thorough FAQ on the District Court’s decision in the case of Illinois v. Ferriero and what the court case means for the ERA moving forward.

Amicus Briefs filed in support of the ERA

Publications / Media

Amsterdam News:  The Equal Rights Amendment, 100 years and counting (5/16/24)

Forbes:  Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass Signs Petition in Support of the Equal Rights Amendment (video) (5/15/24)

Equality Now:  To Protect Women’s Reproductive Rights, We Need Equal Rights Amendments (5/1/24)

The Hill:  This obscure procedure can restore majority rule in the House of Representatives (4/28/24)

Washington Post:  Hilary Clinton and Malala Yousafzi producing.  An election coming.  ‘Suffs’ has timing on it’s side (4/18/24)

Feminist Majority Foundation:  Georgetown Law hosts ERA conference to strategize for the future (4/15/24)

C-SPAN: Lawmakers Discuss the Equal Rights Amendment (4/12/24)

AP News:  A glance at some of the legislation approved in the Maryland General Assembly (4/9/24)

Maryland Matters:  House goes back to the future in lengthy Saturday debate (4/6/24)

Baltimore Post Examiner:  Advocates keep pushing for the Equal Rights Amendment (4/4/24)

Baltimore Sun:  Maryland Senate, House debate ERA, housing policy during Saturday session (4/6/24)

Capital News Service:  Thi-i-s close:  advocates keep pushing for the Equal Rights Amendment (4/4/24)

SCHEERPOST:  The ERA:  A New Foundation for Equality in the United States (3/28/24)

Ms. Magazine: Thirty Years After the Violence Against Women Act, the ERA Is Needed to Halt Gender-Based Violence (3/22/24)

Ms. Magazine: The ERA and Heidi Schreck’s ‘What the Constitution Means to Me’ (3/22/24)

AP:  Nevada judge blocks state from limiting Medicaid coverage for abortions (3/19/24)

Newsweek:  The States Where It’s Most Dangerous to Be a Woman (3/8/24)

The Hill:  It’s been over 100 years – just how long are we supposed to wait for the Equal Rights Amendment? by Alyssa Milano (3/8/24)

PR Newswire:  Gender Equality Isn’t Yet in the Constitution — Advocates Call on Supporters to #SHOUTFOREQUALITY (3/6/24)

Cumberland Times News:  Local women advocate for Equal Rights Amendment (2/29/24)

Ms. Magazine:  The Pathway to Recognizing the Equal Rights Amendment (2/20/24)

Feminist Majority Foundation:  The ERA Discharge Petition:  Where Does It Stand (2/13/24)

Slate:  A State Supreme Court Just Issued the Most Devastating Rebuke of Dobbs Yet (1/30/24)

The ERA Coalition: ERA Coalition Announces National Strategy Task Force to Publish and Fully Enact the Equal Rights Amendment (1/30/24)

The Hill:  Pennsylvania Supreme Court clears way for challenge to ban on Medicaid abortion coverage (1/29/24)

WCCO News:  Minnesota’s equal rights amendment to be updated to include protections for “reproductive freedom” (1/22/24)

The ERA Coalition:  #NotOneMore:  The march for the ERA (12/20/23)

The ERA Coalition:  A case for the ERA:  Ending domestic violence (12/19/23)

The Washington Post:  Equal Rights Amendment was introduced 100 years ago – and still waits (12/12/23)

Equality NOW:  84 Organizations Urge Immediate US Government Action to End Sex Discrimination (12/8/23)

Inter-Pariamentary Union:  US Ranks 70th in Ranking of Women in National Parliaments (12/1/23)

Women’s eNews:  The ERA:  A Beacon of Hope for Transgender Healthcare (11/29/23)

New York Public Library:  Far from Over, The Fight for the Equal Rights Amendment (podcast) (11/28/23)

Common Dreams:  ERA and Abortion are Key to Women’s Vote in 2024 (10/29/23)

The Conversationalist:  It’s Time to Pass the Equal Rights Amendment (10/20/23)

SILive:  Women earned nearly 20% less than men in 2020, according to U.S. Census data (10/20/23)

Lake Research Partners:  The Power of Abortion Rights and the Equal Rights Amendment in Driving the 2024 Election:  Findings Based on a National Survey (September 2023)

The White House:  Statement from President Joe Biden on Equal Rights Amendment Centennial (8/26/23)

Forbes:  Kristen Gillibrand:  Supreme Court Turned Women Into ‘Second Class Citizens’ With Dobbs Decision (video) (7/16/23)

The Rainbow Times:  Equal Rights Amendment:  LGBTQ+ Orgs. Express Support for It (6/29/23)

World Economic Forum:  Global Gender Gap Report 2023 (6/20/23)

White House:  White House Statement of Administration Policy:  SJ Res 4 – A Joint Resolution removing the deadline for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (4/27/23)

Reuters:  US Equal Rights Amendment blocked again, a century after introduction (4/27/23)

ABC News:  Equal Rights Amendment blocked by GOP:  ‘We will keep fighting’, Lisa Ann Walter (video) (4/27/23)

Washington Post:  Latest push to revive Equal Rights Amendment fails in Senate (4/27/23)

CNN:  Senate Fails to Advance Equal Rights Amendment Resolution (4/27/23)

CBS News:  Alyssa Milano on Senate failure to pass Equal Rights Amendment (video) (4/27/23)

NBC News:  Protester ejected from Senate gallery during procedural vote on Equal Rights Amendment measure (4/27/23)

National Education Association:  NEA Urges Senate to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment (4/26/23)

Forbes:  White House Throws Support Behind Equal Rights Amendment (video) (4/26/23)

American Constitution Society (Podcast):  Episode 95:  Why the ERA is More Important than Ever (3/28/23)

Written Testimony/Statements to Senate Committee on the Judiciary Hearing on the ERA (February 28, 2023):

Roberta W. Francis, ERA Education Consultant, Alice Paul Institute:  ERA – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Opposition Saying?

The Catholic Spirit:  The proposed ERA:  a Trojan horse to weaken women’s rights (11/17/23)

The Heritage Foundation:  Liberal Scholars’ Flawed Arguments Cannot Revive the Equal Rights Amendment (9/15/23)  Opinion:  It’s past time for women to give up on the ghost of equality (5/6/23)

National Review:  Schumer Links Equal Rights Amendment to Abortion (4/28/23)

Fox  Senators James Inhofe and Cindy Hyde Smith – Democrats for ERA: It’s not about empowerment. Here’s what’s really going on (4/5/23)

Anti-ERA Legislation: Introduced on March 15, 2023 by Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS).  See press releases here and here.

US Conference of Catholic Bishops:  Letter to Senators Opposing the ERA and ERA Background  (2/27/23)

The American Conservative:  The Equal Rights Amendment Is Still About Punishing Women  (2/25/23)

Daily Caller:  ‘Radical’: Senate Dems Resurrect Constitutional Amendment Experts Warn Would Gift Massive Wins To The Trans Lobby  (2/27/23)

National Review:  Senate Judiciary Committee to Ponder Congress’s Non-Existent Power to Revive Long-Dead ERA  (2/27/23)

Letter from Republican Senators to the former Archivist, David Ferriero, asking the Archivist not to publish the ERA as the 28th Amendment (2/18/22)