Reproductive Justice


Maryland’s state laws have supported reproductive rights – including access to third-trimester abortions – for thirty years. On Maryland’s 2024 general election cycle ballot, voters will consider language which strengthens our commitment to those issues for women and girls.

Maryland NOW has – for the most part – worked in coalition with other Maryland organizations to keep those laws in place and to expand reproductive justice for our residents.

All that is to say, compared with neighboring states and in fact many states in our country, we live in a “bubble.”

Our role – and the work of this task force is to

  • add our voices to national actions taking place in Washington DC calling for support for this issue
  • to work with Maryland groups that are providing support to women from other states who have been coming here since the Dobbs decision was handed down for abortion care
  • to help in some of the more conservative areas of our state in identifying “fake clinics” and to provide resouces for women who need help

This task force responds to request for help in all these areas and will try to build support – as well as working to assist growing NOW interest in out work to pass the 2024 Abortion Referendum.

Please contact us for more information and to talk with us about how you would like to work on this issue alongside Maryland NOW. (