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Why I’m breaking up with the Lyric Opera House

March 27, 2015

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

By Sonja Kinzer

The Lyric has always been special to me.  Eighteen years ago my husband and I had our first date at the Lyric.  That night, and every other event we’ve since attended and eventually brought our daughter to, held that same sparkle for me.  Going to the Lyric has always been a special treat and I’m more than a little sad to see that sparkle fade.  I’ll again go to the Lyric.  I’ll be there tomorrow in fact.  For this event, I hope others will join me.  If not, that’s alright too.  It’s just something I personally feel the need to do.

Finding out that the Lyric was hosting Bill Cosby tomorrow (3/27/15), a man who has been accused of some of the most revolting and violent crimes against women that this country has ever seen, has made me so internally angry and sad.  I called them.  I left a message.  Others have left messages.  I asked for a phone call.  Others asked to have their calls returned.  Nothing.  This I did not understand.  Hello?!  I felt like screaming…I am your demographic!  Over here!  I’m the woman who has the kid you want me to bring to Cinderella.  I’m the one you wanted to come see Celtic Women…yeah, I’m her.  Only, no one bothered to see me at all.  Just like no one is really paying any attention to the many, many women who have come forward with their horror stories.

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