Our Work in Annapolis


Maryland NOW works to support legislation that will help women and girls in their daily lives in our state. Most of our legislative focus is through coalitions of women’s, civil rights, and social justice organizations. We regularly submit written testimony on bills we’ve agreed to support, and hold a Lobby Night, either as Maryland NOW or in conjunction with other groups. Our officers and members frequently go to Annapolis during our state’s Legislative Session to meet with members and the General Assembly and their staff members on legislative initiatives.

If you are interested in getting involved in our work in Annapolis, please contact our Legislative Team!

We are members of the Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women (MLAW) and, working with their network of coalition partners, we develop a list of legislative priorities for each session of our state’s General Assembly. During the session, our state officers and chapter members get regular updates on the bills we are following through the Session’s committees. You can:

Visit MLAW here to learn more about their work.

Contact YOUR member of the General Assembly or state senator. Hearing from a constituent is very important and is a great way to support our legislative work if you can’t travel to Annapolis to lobby in person.

Find Your Legislative District here.

Maryland NOW often works on additional legislative initiatives during the annual session. For more information and updates about these bills, please contact  us!