Sandy Bell, Chair

Barbara Hays, Secretary-Treasurer

The Maryland NOW Political Action Committee consists of the above named officers and a representative of each chapter in our state organization.

Maryland NOW PAC's Endorsement Process

The Maryland National Organization for Women Political Action Committee requests all state political candidates to take a few minutes to respond to the PAC's online questionnaire. (Candidates running in Montgomery County should contact the Montgomery NOW PAC and respond to their questionnaire only.) Candidates' thoughtful answers will be reviewed by the PAC Board when determining whom to endorse.


Maryland NOW PAC

Maryland NOW’s Political Action Committee or PAC has been in existence since the early 1980s. Our work is here in Maryland at the state level – our General Assembly and Senate, and our Governor’s race. We do on occasion make endorsements in county or judicial races in the state.

Our PAC is made up of a representative from each of our member chapters. We send out questionnaires to candidates and review their answers when making an endorsement. We also make recommendations to our National NOW organization’s PAC in Congressional or US Senate races where they can make endorsements.

The Maryland NOW PAC is working to position itself – in addition to giving candidates our endorsement – to be able to make financial contributions to their campaigns as well. While that work is primarily in Maryland’s election cycle every four years, we also need money every year to participate in funding for candidate training, partisan political work during Maryland’s legislative session, and events making more visibility for our PAC possible.

Please help us if you can!

Jobs and Scholarships

Legislative Programs

The General Assembly of Maryland, as the legislative body directly representing the electorate, passes public general and public local laws, raises revenues and appropriates funds to pay for State government services, and oversees the operation of State executive agencies. In much of this activity, the legislator plays a major role in helping to develop the public policy of the State.


Volunteers are vital to the work of Maryland NOW, and are involved in almost all aspects of the chapter's functioning.